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h1. Minki Features
Minki is designed to be lightweight and simple, but that doesn't mean it was designed to be devoid of useful features -- rather, it's designed to be ultimately utilitarian for individuals and smaller websites. What it lacks in multi-user account functionality it attempts to makeup for in robust syntax, exporting and version comparison.
The following are the functions I think are most import to keep in mind when deciding whether or not Minki is worth your time.
* *Robust {syntax:html}* for easy, readable formatting without having to resort to html. (HTML can be enabled from the options page, however).
* *Search through your pages* if you're not sure where you posted the content. If you enter a word or words in the GoToPage box that don't correspond with a page, it'll try to find those words in other pages.
* *Define custom syntax* with relative ease, allowing you to quickly expand the capabilities of your minki markup.
* *Page change difference hi-lighter* allows you to see how the page has changed compared against older versions (the number of versions saved can be changed in the options); if you are the site owner, you can easily revert to a previous version. (Handy if spammers or not-nice people erase or replace your data with junk)
* *RSS Feed generated* using the difference hi-lighter, so you and your users can easily see not only what pages have changed but what has changed about them as well.
* *Create a MinkiSearch page* with all your favorite search engines for easy, universally accessable quick-bookmark style use. MinkiSearch can be embedded in other pages or linked to directly like this query for {#search:g minki wiki}.
** Lists and tables are properly formed; nested lists are truely nested rather than simply increasing margins per level.
** Almost all block-level elements (tables, paragraphs, preformatted blocks, blockquotes) and selections can have text and background color applied easily.
** Easily create targets within pages and link to them
* *Plain text and html export* allowing you either export the page as plain text (That's how I create the README file for Minki) or as html (The template is stripped and a plain html file is exported. Great for presenting documentation online). Internal links can be formatted as normal links or link to these exports /Examples:/
** \{features:text} links to this page as text: {features:text}
** \{features:html} links to this page as html: {features:html}
* *Simple template system* that allows you to completely overhaul (or write from the ground up) the template without having to touch the Minki code -- all you need is HTML and the {template macros}.
* *Settings/Options are stored as a Minki page, so you can easily edit them if you're logged in.
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