Minki is the lightweight, simple wiki script that powers this website. It is not designed to compete with bigger more robust wiki systems but is, instead, a light alternative for anyone, like myself, who'd prefer less onboard complication and an easier learning curve.

Download Minki (version)

Installation Instructions

If you are updating Minki you only need to update index.php and text.php. Optionally, you can also update pages/version.php and pages/syntax.php as it is not uncommon for them to see changes with Minki updates. Default options are already set in the software, so you don't have to replace your options file in order for Minki to work properly after an update. If new options have been added they will be outlined in the version history. A complete list of options is also included for reference when you're editing the options page.

New Installation

  1. Unzip Minki_latest.zip
  2. Open password.php in your text editor and change the password. Save the file and go ahead and close it.
  3. Open pages/options.php and review the settings -- you may wish to change the defaults to suit your website.
  4. Upload all of the files and folders to the location you want to install Minki.
  5. Chmod/Change permissions for the directory pages and all the files/folders within to 755
  6. You should now be able to use Minki without problem.